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Linkages and Partnerships - Department of Aerospace and Aviation Engineering

  1. Boeng Aircraft Corporation
  2. Aerosim Corporation
  3. American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  4. Airbus Industries
  5. Cranfied University
  6. University of Glasgow
  7. Kenya Airways Limited
  8. Toyota Kenya Ltd
  9. Samsung
  10. Safaricom
  11. Kenya Association of Manufacturers

Course Outline- B. Science in land administration



BLA 111

BLA 112

BLA 113

BLA 114

BLA 155

BLA 116

BLA 117

BLA 118

BLA 119

BLA 121

BLA 122

BLA 123

BLA 124

BLA 125

BLA 127

BLA 126

BLA 128

BLA 129


First Semester

Mathematics IA

Information Technology IA

Law and Government

Philosophy and Ethics

Economics IA

Communication skills

Fundamentals of development

Introduction to Land Administration

Health and Emerging Diseases

Second Semester

Mathematics IB

Information Technology IB

Introduction to sociology

Science and Technology in development

Economics IB

Introduction to Anthropology

Introduction to Land Resources

Physical Environment

Drug and Substance Abuse

BLA 211

BLA 212

BLA 213

BLA 214

BLA 215

BLA 216

BLA 217

BLA 218

BLA 221

BLA 222

BLA 223

BLA 224

BLA 225

BLA 226

BLA 227

BLA 228


First Semester

Statistics IA

Land Surveying IA

Law of Contract

Land administration IA

Economics II

Environmental Impact Assessments and Audits

Urban and Regional Planning

Land information Systems IA

Second Semester

Statistics IB

Land Surveying IB

Cartography and Mapping

Land Administration IB

Law of Tort

Rural Planning

Land Law I

Land information systems IB

BLA 311
BLA 321
BLA 322
BLA 323
BLA 324
BLA 325
BLA 326
BLA 327
BLA 328
BLA 331
BLA 332
BLA 333
BLA 334
BLA 335
BLA 336
BLA 337
BLA 338
First Semester
Industrial attachment
Second Semester
Land Registration systems
Land use analysis
Land Policy studies
Land Economics IA
Housing studies
Land Valuation IA
Land Law II
Environmental Law
Third Semester
Local government and administrative Law
Labour Law
Business Law
Land economics IB
Research Methods
Land Valuation IB
Principles of Management
Land Information Systems II


BLA 411
BLA 421
BLA 422
BLA 423
BLA 424
BLA 425
BLA 426
BLA 427
BLA 428
BLA 429
BLA 431
BLA 432
BLA 433
BLA 434
BLA 435
BLA 436
BLA 437
BLA 438
First Semester
Industrial attachment
Second Semester
Entrepreneurship Education
Property and Facilities Management
Project Planning and Management
Research Project
Business Planning
Land Laws
Indigenous Land Rights
Land Information Technology
GIS Data Base Systems
Land Economics
Urban and Regional Economics
Socio – Cultural Issues
Land and Politics
Third Semester
Professional practice
Investment Analysis
Land Administration and Management
Research Project (As BLA 424)
Land Laws
Conveyancing Law
Land Information Technology
Cadastral modeling
Land Economics
Natural Resource Economics
Socio – Cultural Issues
Disputes and conflict Resolution

Course Outline- B. Philosophy in Technology Construction Management

Year I

Semester I

Subject Area

EACM 1111

Construction Law

EACM 1112

Principles of Management

EACM 1123

Building Services A

EACM 1134

Computer Applications A

EACM 1145

Integrated Design Studio A

EACM 1156

Critical and Creative Thinking


Semester II

EACM 1211

Construction Economics

EACM 1222

Building Services B

EACM 1233

Computer Applications B

EACM 1244

Integrated Design Studio B

EACM 1255

Research Methodology

EACM 1256

Health Education


Year II

EACM 2111

Construction Project Management

EACM 2112

Facility Management

EACM 2113

Labour Management

EACM 2124

Construction Technology

EACM 2165


EACM 2196

Project A


Semester II

EACM 2211

Construction Practice and Professional Ethics

EACM 2212

Real Estate Development

EACM 2213

Construction Financial Management

EACM 2214

Disputes Management and Resolutions

EACM 2295

Project B


Grand Total