Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

School of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Course Outline- B. Philosophy in Technology Construction Management

Year I

Semester I

Subject Area

EACM 1111

Construction Law

EACM 1112

Principles of Management

EACM 1123

Building Services A

EACM 1134

Computer Applications A

EACM 1145

Integrated Design Studio A

EACM 1156

Critical and Creative Thinking


Semester II

EACM 1211

Construction Economics

EACM 1222

Building Services B

EACM 1233

Computer Applications B

EACM 1244

Integrated Design Studio B

EACM 1255

Research Methodology

EACM 1256

Health Education


Year II

EACM 2111

Construction Project Management

EACM 2112

Facility Management

EACM 2113

Labour Management

EACM 2124

Construction Technology

EACM 2165


EACM 2196

Project A


Semester II

EACM 2211

Construction Practice and Professional Ethics

EACM 2212

Real Estate Development

EACM 2213

Construction Financial Management

EACM 2214

Disputes Management and Resolutions

EACM 2295

Project B


Grand Total