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Department of Aerospace and Aviation Engineering

The exponential growth in the global air transport industry has driven the corresponding demand for specialist aviation professionals, especially engineers and pilots. In tandem with other countries where aviation plays a key economic role, serious shortage of industry professionals has been reported widely in Kenya. This situation has been aggravated by stiff competition for such personnel from other countries, especially the airlines in the Middle East and Gulf States. As a consequence, air operators and maintenance and repair organisations (MROs) have been forced to source key technical staff from other countries, often at relatively higher costs. Towards the satisfaction of local demand, aeronautical and aviation engineering courses have been conducted at

The Technical University of Kenya’s predecessor institutions (Kenya Polytechnic and Kenya Polytechnic University College) from the later part of 1960’s. TU-K’s successes in this area can be attested by the fact that a large portion of technical managers and technicians involved in the maintenance of aircraft in Kenya today are graduates of TU-K. Hence in response to ever increasing demand for skilled technical resource, TU-K has created a dedicated Department of Aerospace and Aviation Engineering and recruited a Chartered Engineer with a Doctoral Degree and a substantive international experience to lead the necessary expansion of academic provisions planned for the department. Aerospace engineering is concerned with the design, construction, and maintenance of aircraft and outer space vehicles and their navigation systems. In complement, aviation engineering is more systems-centric and mainly entails the design, construction, and management of air transport systems including airports, navigation systems, air traffic management, and air transport management.

The Department currently offers an undergraduate degree programme in aeronautical and aviation engineering with specialisations in aeronautical and aviation engineering. In order to ensure high quality and continued relevance of the TU-K aerospace programmes, the University is developing the compliance regime for accreditation by the Engineers Board of Kenya. Accreditations by other international professional bodies concerned with aeronautical engineering programmes are also being sought, notably the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) and Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), both of the UK.

You are here: Home >> Departments >> Aerospace and Aviation Engineering