Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

School of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering is established as one of the Departments in the School of Mechanical and Process Engineering. Industrial engineering is concerned with the optimization of complex, integrated, processes and systems of various resources including technology, finances, information, and people. Industrial engineering, as a branch of engineering, seeks to integrate the methodologies in engineering and technology, business and management, and socio-political and economics in offering optimal solutions to complex, integrated, problems in society. The principles and methods of industrial engineering can be applied onto any system of human endeavour that can be optimized.
Closely connected to industrial engineering is manufacturing engineering. Manufacturing engineers design and fabricate various parts of machinery and get involved in putting them together to produce machinery or systems. The work of the manufacturing engineer typically involves such activities as design, fabrication, and analysis of products and systems and the use of modern technologies that are chiefly based on electronics and informatics.